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How to start learning AngularJS

Although very popular, good and comprehensive AngularJS learning matarials are only starting to emerge. It's easy enough to jump into the framework, but no doubt you will quickly get stuck and with some misfortune, you could land on a well meant but outdated Stack Overflow answer. If I would start

March 22, 2014 1 min read

Building a tabs component with React and Foundation

After reading an interesting article and watching this excellent talk from JsConf a couple of days ago, I've decided to look more closely at React. I've dismissed it when it came out, as it seemed to be flying in the face of everything we know about building the front-end (and

December 22, 2013 6 min read

Use the declarative nature of AngularJS for fun and profit

In one Google talk, Miško Hevery mentions that they wanted Angular to be used by designers. That statement can be dismissed easily. Angular is a complex beast and most people require a fair amount to get productive with it. I can easily imagine many a jQuery savvy web designer diving

November 25, 2013 1 min read